Innovation ambassadors and exemplar projects

Innovation Ambassadors

To help us in our mission to identify unmet needs across SYB, we welcome staff across the SYB ICS organisations to join our network of Innovation Ambassadors. As an Innovation Ambassador you can play a key role in helping to nurture a culture of innovation in your respective organisations.

Current Exemplar Projects

Population Health Management

The Innovation Hub is working with GP practices to progress initiatives to support the improved self-management of patients with a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

Urgent and Emergency Care

This pilot project is training 30 frontline staff in techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy that can be used in consultations with patient’s experiencing anxiety as a result of respiratory illness. The aim is to reduce calls to the emergency services and admission to hospital.


This pilot project is providing an opportunity for SYB ICS to explore the potential of significantly increasing the number of home and agile workers. Agile working can be defined as a broad spectrum of working practices which enable and empower a person to work, how, when, and where they want supported by the originations policy, procedures and culture in which they work.