Faculty For Advanced Clinical Practice

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Faculty of Advanced Clinical Practice was formed in 2015 and is helping to bring about a coordinated and consistent approach to developing the clinical workforce.

The Faculty specifically focuses on the training and on-going professional development of Nurses, Pharmacists, Allied Health Professionals and others currently working in the NHS. The Faculty does this by offering them the opportunity to become Advanced Clinical Practitioners which means they work at a level which involves a greater degree complex decision making and is helping to provide a high-level workforce covering the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw region.

The Faculty is also responsible for developing other emerging advanced clinical groups and introducing other such roles to the NHS as Physician Associates alleviating pressures created by the shortage of trained doctors coming into the NHS. 

To view the Faculty of Advanced Clinical Practice Strategy 19-20 click here 



Latest News

Advanced Clinical Practice Census

For information about the work of Physician Associates working across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw click here


Advanced Clinical Practice Supervision Conference 

The ACP clinical supervision conference has been planned for the 12th November at the Crowne Plaza (old holiday inn) in Sheffield, find out more here and here

I Work As An Advanced Practitioner

 For guidance for Advanced Clinical Practtitioners around PEP click here

Guidance for Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP) Education Training & Continuous Professional Development (CPD) click here 

Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) Supervisor’s Guidance has been written by Mr Alex Kocheta and provides a wealth of information for supervisors of ACPs as well as for trainees themselves about the ACP training pathway.  The document will be reviewed in six months’ time (March 2020).  To view the Supervisor's Guidance click here.

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