The vision for Bassetlaw is to create a community of care and support

The vision for the health and wellbeing of Bassetlaw is being realised by the following organisations working together:

  • Primary Care Home/Network GP representatives covering all of Bassetlaw
  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Nottingham Healthcare Foundation Trust (Mental Health and Community Provider)
  • Ambulance service colleagues (EMAS)
  • Nottinghamshire County Council (social care provider)
  • Bassetlaw District Council
  • Voluntary Sector organisations
  • NHS Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Other public services are involved through the Bassetlaw Public and Third Sector Partnership Board (eg fire and rescue, police, local colleges)

The Bassetlaw ACP is committed to working collaboratively to:

1. Implement new ways of caring for and supporting people, underpinned by holistic integrated care, for example by integrating mental and physical health care

2. Ensure that health and social care professionals work across and outside their employing organisations as single teams to enable a collective focus on individuals receiving care and the particular needs of the local population

3. Work with individuals, households and the community and voluntary sector to support people to maintain their own health for longer, and for those with long term conditions to be as independent as their condition allows

4. Create a more efficient health and social care system that seeks to maximise added value for the tax payer

5. Work together to address the wider determinants of health and to strengthen communities

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